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Contact us: Krzhizhanovsky str., 3, 03680, Ukraine, Kyiv-142 | tel: +380(44)424-01-02 | fax: +380(44)424-21-31

Institute for Problems in Materials Science (IPMS) is Ukrainian leading centre of advanced scientific and engineering services

Frantsevich Institute for Problems of Materials Science

Institute for Problems in Materials Science (IPMS) is Ukrainian leading centre of advanced scientific and engineering services, technical consulting and contract research and development in the field of Material science and advanced technology of metal, ceramic and composite materials. IPMS was set up in 1955 on the base of the laboratory for special alloys of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences. Since then it has progressively widened its fields of application and customer base. IPMS has no analogues among academic institutions due a great variety of new developments in technological processes, materials and products on their base.


Virtual Organization Ukrainian national grid "Material Science of Advanced Materials"

Frantsevich Institute for Problems of Materials Science

VO "Material Science of Advanced Materials" is created on the initiative of the Frantsevich Institute for Problems of Materials Science of NAS of Ukraine for solving of the problems of development and introduction of new perspective materials. The purpose of the VO "Material Science of Advanced Materials" is to carry out effective computational experiments in grid environment on macro-, meso- and microstructure levels to solve actual problems of development by community of material scientists of the institutes of the NAS of Ukraine and universities of new perspective materials (nanostructure materials, high entropy multicomponent alloys, ceramo -ceramic composites etc.).


Technical Commettee for Standartization "Powder Metallurgy"

Onufrieva tower

ТC 54 – Powder Metallurgy as The Technical Committee on standardization of Ukraine was created in 1992 for the purpose of development of national, interstate and international standards in the powder metallurgy. TC 54 acts according to the legislation of Ukraine, follows the legal texts, standards of national standardization system, normative and organizational-administrative documents of The State Committee of Ukraine Technical Regulation and Consumer Policy and TC 54 provision.


Scientific development and products

Алмазно-твердосплавний макрокомпозитний високомодульний матеріал марка АВКМ

Galogenide refractories

Diamond-hardalloy macrocomposit high-modulus material brand AVKM

Ceramic Fuel Cell

The system of protecting from lightning of polymeric compos is for an aerotechics



24 - 27.10.2017
CMSE2017: Materials Science and Engineering

6 international conference, Beijing, China

12 - 14.06.2017
Materials resistant to extreme conditions for future energy systems

international seminar, Kyiv, Ukraine

31.05 - 03.06.2017

5 international scientific conference, VELIKO TARNOVO , BULGARIA

16 - 17.05.2017
INSTRUMENT MAKING: today and future

16 international scientific and technical conference, Kyiv, Ukraine

20 - 21.04.2017

10 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE of Students, Graduate Students and Young Scientists, Kyiv, Ukraine

March 20, 2017
defense of the thesis of the Candidate of Technical Sciences by YAROSLAV TYMOSHENKO

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