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Hydrogen in alternative energy and new technologies


    EaP Plus Horizon 2020 Webinar 3: "Horizon 2020 calls on Energy with September 2018 deadlines"

    The webinar will be conducted by the experts of the Polish National Contact Point for Research Programmes of the EU (IPPT PAN) in English.
    Date: 17 May 2018
    This webinar will deal with:
    Horizon 2020 – basic issues,
    Energy within the Horizon 2020 – important deadlines in September 2018,
    Questions and Answers.

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    A new way to produce hydrogen by splitting water

    "The main difficulty we faced was the introduction of the metal vanadium in nickel hydroxide. But the effort is not wasted, and the results have exceeded our expectations "- says Ke Fan, one of the researchers, -" The resulting efficiency water splitting with new catalyst fate already allows to use it for the production of a new type of hydrolysis of cells whose potential It is able to make a revolution in the technologies for producing hydrogen. "

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    We found a way to increase efficiency solid oxide fuel cells.

    In the fuel cell power generation is due to a chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen, but this reaction is the best in solid oxide fuel cells at previous heated to 700 ° C and above. However, these conditions are not always favorable and practical.
    Source: Kompyulenta
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