Influence electronegative elements on wetting and the soldering of ion– ioncovalent ceramic materials by the metal melts


On the basis of theoretical ideas and experimental results the base provisions which define the adhesion and surface properties of metal alloys with electronegative elements (O, S, Se, F, Cl, Br) have been formulated. Wetting and contact interaction of different ceramic materials have been investigated, including the compounds (BaTiO3, SrTiO3, ZrO2, HfO2, SnO2, Al2O3) by Ag–– Cu alloy on air at heats. Wetting by Ag––5Cu alloy is miscellaneous for different materials. The contact angle changes from 15° for AlPO4 up to 80° for Al2O3. Wetting of ZnSe by In, Sn, Pb melts with additives S, Se are investigated. Soldered joints of ZnSe with metals and of oxide ceramics by metal-oxygen technology are received.