Nanomaterials of Medical Application

Project of NAS of Ukraine «Scientific Book»

Authors: Uvarova I.V., Gorbyk P.P., Gorobets S.V., Ivashchenko O.A., Ulianchych N.V.

The book is devoted to description of the fundamentals, current researches and practical realization of them in the area of medical application of nanomaterials, including design of nanocomposites with functions of medical biorobots and controlled mechanical movement in biomedia as well as the use of them in direct drug delivery, tissue regeneration, diagnostics, toxicology, et al. In particular, processes of adsorption and release of drugs during surgery operations, techniques for separation of biological agents based on magnetic separation along with using nanosized magnet-sensitive composites are considered. The place of nanobiomaterials in general material science is determined, and basic requirements for them are stated.

For scientists and engineers, students and postgraduates specialized in the field of material science and medical application of nanobiomaterial.

Kyiv: Naukova dumka, 2014 - 416 p.