Nitride Based Materials - Traditions and New Solutions

I.M. Frantsevych Institute for Problems of Materials Science

Authors: Ragulya A.V., Kryachek V.M., Gudymenko T.V., Chernyshev V.M.

The book analyzes the current state of scientific research in the field of ceramic materials based on nitrides by powder metallurgy.

Systematized main stages of production technology refractory nitrides of silicon, titanium and aluminum. Synthesis of dispersed particles (powders, fibers, whiskers) with micro- and nanoscale morphology and different. Consolidation formed are porous blanks. Summarizes the results of determination of physical-mechanical and functional properties of many of nitride materials. Particular attention is paid to identifying the regularities of formation of phase composition and microstructure of materials depending on their chemical composition and quality of raw materials and the conditions of consolidation.

Listed examples of the use of products made of nitride materials and composites. The book is intended for scientists, engineers and technical workers and engineers, materials scientists, university professors and students in related disciplines.

Publishing House "Naukova Dumka", Kyiv, 2018