Amorphous filler metals for brazing of stainless steel and titanium, and structure of brazed joints


Adhesion of Melts and Brazing of Materials - Kiev: Frantsevich Institute for Problems of Materials Science NASU, 2007, #40


The paper considers results of investigations of brazed joints on elements of heat exchanging devices of stainless steel (12Kh18N10T) and titanium alloys (VT1-0, OT4), made by using amorphous filler metals on the nickel (Ni—7Cr—4,5Si—3Fe—3,2B) and titanium base (Ti—24Cu—12Ni—12Zr), respectively. Microstructure and chemical heterogeneity of the seams and amorphous filler metals have been studied. It is shown that structure is inhomogeneous along the seam both in morphology and in chemical composition, and that it depends upon the size of the gap between the materials joined.