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Formation of a FexSiyCz thin layer via PCV deposition of SiCN on a hot steel surface

Власова М., Мартінец М.Е., Uruchurtu Chavarín J., Márquez Aguilar P.A., Каказєй М., Guardian Tapia R., Порада О.К., Щербакова Л.Г.


In this work, it has been established that on steel plates heated to 600 °C, an FexSiyCz layer forms during plasmachemical vapor deposition of SiCN ceramics. As-a plasma forming agent, hexamethyldisilazane was used in the deposition, from which a SiCN product was formed. The deposited ceramic film is heterogeneous and consists of regions where predominantly FeSi2 or FexSiyCz is present. The thickness of the film is 0.8 μm. An investigation of the degradation of the ceramic film in tap water and a 3% aqueous NaCl solution at 26 and 60 °C demonstrated that FeSi2 corrodes first, and then FexSiyCz corrodes. The process was also analyzed using electrochemical techniques.


Ceramics International - : , 2015 , #41 , C.8849-8855

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