Direct multiscale modeling of sintering


I. M. Frantsevich Institute for Problems of Materials Science of the NAS of Ukraine, Omeliana Pritsaka str.,3, Kyiv, 03142, Ukraine
Mathematical Models and Computing Experiment in Material Science - Kiev: Frantsevich Institute for Problems of Materials Science NASU, 2009, #11


New multi-scale numerical approach for the modeling of sintering of macroscopically inhomogeneous specimen has been put forward. New approach does not need formulation of constitutive equations of material and specify material properties through definition of unit cells for macroscopic elements. As a result, influence of any number of structural parameters on sintering kinetics and specimen distortion can be investigated. The method is based on consideration of macroscopic behavior in parallel with on-line analysis of mesoscopic evolution of unit cells and it gives information about sintering development on both scale levels.