Materials Science in the Structures of European Union Framework Research and Innovation Programs “Horizon 2020” and Horizon Europe”


I. M. Frantsevich Institute for Problems of Materials Science of the NAS of Ukraine, Kyiv
Usp. materialozn. 2021, 2:3-9


The results of the analysis of European Research and Innovation Framework Program “Horizon 2020” calls, propositions and projects with their main subjects devoted to the problems of advanced materials, perspective technologies of their production and processing are presented in this paper. Analysis had been made on the base of Horizon Dashboard data. Horizon Dashboard is the suitable instrument created under the requirements of the European Commission, which presents an overview of evaluated proposals (incl. success rates) and detailed statistics and data about funded projects and their participants, broken down by countries and regions, research domain/program part, organization type, etc. Furthermore, this instrument allows to analyze country and organization profiles considering 38 thematic priorities (four of them: advanced materials; advanced manufacturing and processing; nanotechnologies, advanced materials and production; biotechnologies are devoted to materials science aspects), funding received, participations by region, top beneficiaries, collaboration with other countries, SME participation and more. Data about total project numbers, funding, top participating countries, top participating organizations had been presented for the each of four materials science priorities. Special attention had been paid on the participation level, funding, and success rates of Ukrainian organizations.

Situation with materials science thematic priorities in the new European Research and Innovation Framework Program “Horizon Europe” had been described and it was underlined the absence of separate materials science working program in “Horizon Europe”, and necessity of the analysis of several working programs such as “Digital, Industry, Space”, «Climate, energy, mobility» and etc. for the search of corresponding materials science topics and calls. Status of Ukrainian organizations in “Horizon Europe “program till signing and ratification of agreement between Ukraine and European Union about participation of Ukraine in Horizon Europe Program had been clarified.

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