Production of Titanium Powder Bands using Asymmetric Rolling


I. M. Frantsevich Institute for Problems of Materials Science of the NAS of Ukraine, Krzhizhanovsky str., 3, Kyiv, 03142, Ukraine
Powder Metallurgy - Kiev: Frantsevich Institute for Problems of Materials Science NASU, 2012, #09/10


The influence of symmetric and asymmetric rolling on the formation and properties of rolled titanium powder is studied. It is established that the asymmetric rolling of the powder can create rolled metal with higher density and much greater mechanical properties than the symmetric rolling does. The effect of titanium powder rolling conditions on the structure of the material in green state and structure of the material after sintering is studied. The rolled metal obtained by asymmetric rolling has maximum mechanical properties at the sintering temperature 200 °C lower than that of the symmetric rolling. The technological feasibility of using the asymmetric rolling to produce rolled titanium powder is demonstrated.